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SAFAR JAL improve your immune system and it will help them take over their physical & male problems

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What is SAFAR JAL?

This fruit of Bahi is mentioned in the hadiths as ancient rulers and nutritionists also used Bahi in power medicine. The power of this fruit can be estimated from the fact that the Prophets also used it. What used to be this fruit of Bahi, given its extraordinary benefits, in view of its increasing demand and best results in Western countries, Bani Romani Foods. Prepared delicious flavored square jelly by adding saffron and honey to this fruit of Bahi which is proving effective in countless diseases, with the manifold increase in the strength of this fruit. This square Safar Jal, Bahi, which enhances the immune system by enhancing the physical and internal strength of particular men.

Highest Quality of Ingredients in Safar Jal

combination of natural delights like Saffron, Quince and Honey.

Safar Jal

Quince is a fruit that is used by the prophet and companions too.

there is a lot of efficacy in the use of Quince, the use of Quince help with invisible internal diseases.


Honey is the best meal and medicine at the time, that helps fortify your body’s health, honey protein is the best blend of vitamins of nutrition, minerals and anti oxidant. honey perfect of all skin and stomach disorders.


Benefits of SAFAR JAL

Eliminates constipation

Reduce Urine problems

for internal problems

Increases men’s strength

Control cholesterol level

Improve liver & stomach​

Eliminates heart attacks and heart disease

Beneficial in male problems

Beneficial for pregnant women for new baby

Real People Real Result

i suffered from physical  and internal weakness but didn’t get  enough treatment but since using Safar Jal I feeling much better.

Gulfam Khan


i had complaint of weakening the heart muscle which i also treated and use of Safar Jal, found better

Khalid Majed


it is very difficult to describe hidden diseases but my difficulty  easier  to Safar Jal.

Rashid Ali



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200/- Delivery Charges

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